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Silver dekadrachm of Syracuse in Sicily

Beware forgeries of this coin!

dekadracham obverse showing a woman's head and reverse showing a chariot pulled by four horses as a winged figure crowns the chariot rider with a laurel wreath

This ancient Greek silver dekadrachm or 10 drachm piece is one of the most beautiful coins from the ancient world. The men who made the dies between which the coins were struck took great pride in their work. It shows a man driving a four horse racing-chariot (quadriga) and being crowned by Nike, the goddess of Victory on the obverse or front of the coin. On the other side is the head of the goddess Arethusa. These coins are thought to commemorate a famous victory by the Syracusans over the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War. Unfortunately forgeries of this coin are common. Look out for a casting seem on the side of the coin or signs of filing where the seem has been removed.