House Rules

House Rules for the Study  

  • The Study is a space for all.  We want to share it with as many people as possible, so here are a few ‘Study House Rules’ to help you enjoy your time.
  • The Study, like the Museum, is a public building; open to people of all persuasions and ages.  Please have this in mind when thinking about your activities or use of the space.
  • The Study is on the third floor of the original building designed by Alfred Waterhouse.  It’s open plan, which means that the noise and daily life of the Museum below will be audible.   
  • Although we welcome everyone at the Museum, we’re not so keen on the mice and carpet beetles that eat our objects.  So, there’s a no eating policy throughout the Museum, other than in the designated lunch room in the basement (below the reception area). You may bring in bottled water.
  • Volunteers will be in The Study, wearing our Study aprons. They’ll be happy to answer questions about how to get the best out of our facilities and resources.  
  • Our visitor team are also on hand to help.  You can ask them any questions you have about the day to day running of the Museum.  
  • Please report any hazards, first aid emergencies or near misses, or lost children to the visitor team.

You are responsible for your own risk assessment when using the space.

Booking process

  • We aim to respond to your booking within three working days.  
  • Each booking is dealt with chronologically.  We will send you an email to say whether you’ve been successful in your booking.
  • If your slot has already been booked, we’ll email you to ask you to try for another time or date. (Sadly our booking system is not very sophisticated!)
  • We welcome as many people as possible, but the Museum does reserve the right to not accept group bookings if what they propose is deemed inappropriate for The Study (such as activities involving hot or wet processes, or birthday parties).
  • When requesting a booking please include time for both preparation and tidying up.